How to Prevent Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents can be devastating and unfortunately most are preventable. Accidents not only affect the ones on the road, but also your business, furthermore they generate significant costs. By remembering these driving tips we can help improve the safety of our industry.

Obey Traffic Rules

Drivers need to understand the laws and informal rules that have been established over time to facilitate an orderly traffic flow. Drivers need to ensure proper speed limits as enforced on roadways, understand who has the right-of-way, follow correct use of intersections, always use turn signals and obey all traffic lights and signage.

Be Aware of Your Blind Spots

There are significant blind spots on both sides of large trucks where cars disappear from view. A truck’s blind spot on the right is much larger than that on the left and many drivers that share the road are not aware of this. Drivers need to take all necessary precautions when changing lanes.

Don’t Speed

Improper acceleration and speeding are a significant cause of truck accidents every year. Not only is speeding illegal, it can complicate deceleration and braking. Slowing down large semi trucks traveling at high speeds is not an easy task and may increase your risk of a crash.

Get Plenty of Rest

Driver fatigue and lack of attention greatly increases your risk of an accident. Be strict about your driving log! Driving requirements were put in place to ensure optimal driving and the safety of your life and others.

Do Pre-trip & Post-trip Inspections

Inspections may be tedious but can save your life and others. Many accidents are caused due to under inflated tires, cargo shifting, improper loading and poor maintenance; all of which can be identified before the trip. Trip inspections are mandatory and shouldn’t be taken lightly. All issues should be addressed and documented.

Although you may find the requirements for safe driving time consuming, tedious or annoying, they were put into place to create a safe environment with the safety of you and others in mind.  Remember, your life and others is more important than getting to your destination quickly.