4 Tips for Summer Trucking from Freightliner

Summer officially started June 22 this year and depending on where you are in North America (or anywhere in the world), temperatures can exceed to 120 F or 49 degrees Celsius, causing much stress on your vehicle or truck. Read on for 5 tips every truck driver can use when hitting the open road this summer.

Maintenance & Walk Around

Hot summer temperatures can cause stress on your vehicle and it’s necessary to have your trucks’ mechanical systems checked over, oil changed and filters cleaned before heading off. Drivers should also check over their car before every long-haul by walking around. Look at the tires, fluids and wipers; check the brakes and radiators to see if they need replacing and cleaning.

A maintenance and walk around, including checking the air conditioning, cooling system, steering, suspension and tires, assures your cargo and driver are safe in the summer routes. The last thing a driver needs is their truck’s engine overheating and leaving them stranded on the highway. Moreover, if you’re dealing with a refrigerator unit in the trailer, assure those are working efficiently as malfunctions can cause cargo spoilage.

Gear up for the Road

  • Bring extra water and caffeinated beverages for long trips during summer months.

  • Make sure all items are in your emergency kit: blanket, flashlight, flares, rags, reflective signs, etc.

  • Bring non-perishable food items with you, an extra cell phone and cellular battery.

  • Test out your air-conditioning beforehand and put on SPF if your windows aren’t tinted.

Getting Tired

Fatigue is common among truck drivers on the roads, and the summer heat brings a potentially dangerous situation: Warm temperatures often make people tired and lazy because the body is working harder to cool itself off. Moreover, there will be much more people occupying the road for summer vacations and trips. Planning the route, slowing down and taking more pit stops will markedly help your stress levels truck driving during the summer months.

The Checklist

Here’s a summer checklist you can take-away from this blog post!

  1. Before long summer trips get your truck maintenanced.

  2. Walk around your vehicle before every long-distance haul.

  3. Air conditioning - make sure it works.

  4. Bring along extra water, caffeinated beverages and non-perishable food.

  5. Ensure your emergency kit is well-stocked.

  6. Be well-rested and take breaks when necessary.


Here are your summer trucking tips from Freightliner in Winnipeg! What would you like to add to the list? If you’re interested in a semi-truck or semi-trailer in Winnipeg, our salespeople would like to help you choose your new truck.