Team Driving: Is it for you?

Do you have the opportunity to drive as a team but you’re unsure if it’s the right fit? When making decisions whether to drive solo or as a team you must first analyze the pros and cons of both situations.

Advantages of Team Driving

Team driving has tremendous benefits and most times you can earn a lot more money than driving solo. When you’re driving as a team you will be paid for every mile logged, whether you’re driving or not. The more time you spend on the road means the more miles logged, loads delivered and essentially more money in your pocket.

Activities performed outside of the truck such as safety inspections, docking, securing and tarping loads can be done as a team, making these tasks easier and less time consuming. Spending less time on these activities allows you and your teammate to get back on the road sooner.

Driving as a team you will have the benefit of double the knowledge. You and your teammate will each possess different strengths that will be a great advantage to the both of you.

Disadvantages of Team Driving

Compatibility is the main reason many individuals find team driving difficult. You have to be prepared to spend extended periods of time with your teammate. This can be challenging if you’re not a social person or you enjoy your independence.

Team driving allows you to log greater miles as the truck rarely stops, however, this means you must be able to sleep while your partner drives. Many people find sleeping in a moving vehicle impossible which definitely restricts the idea of team driving.

Sharing a small, confined space can be very difficult for some people. Discussing storage and living space arrangements are important. You will be spending a lot of time together so respecting each other’s designated spaces and being accommodating is in your best interest if you want your team to succeed.

All things considered, when determining if team driving is right for you, it’s most important to choose your teammate wisely. Much of your enjoyment on the road and your paycheque will directly correspond with your teammate. It is important to ensure you both have the same vision and intentions in order to succeed.