Increasing Semi-Truck Fuel Economy without Breaking the Bank

It seems fuel prices are constantly rising, digging a large hole in everyone’s pocket. Participating in an industry where profits are directly affected by these prices, the hole can get very large if fuel conservation does not become a priority

The following are a few tips we’ve put together to help drivers and carriers improve fuel mileage.

Reduce Weight

The lighter the load the less fuel you will use. Drivers take pride in their semis and want them to look good, however, try to avoid heavy chrome accessories or extra lights. These additions add unnecessary weight and will reduce gas mileage. Instead, focus efforts in maintaining an attractive truck by keeping it clean, as access mud, ice and snow will add weight.

Become Aerodynamic

Unlike heavy chrome accessories, there are improvements you can make that will generate fuel benefits. Install equipment to improve the aerodynamics of your truck such as an air deflector, wheel covers, slotted mud flaps, air dam front bumper and side skirts.  

Long Combination Vehicles

It is proven that pulling two trailers is beneficial in terms of fuel consumption. If this type of hauling is compatible with the work you provide, it’s a cost-benefit analysis certainly worth your time. Studies have shown that long combination vehicles burn fewer litres of fuel when compared to two conventional vehicles, saving you time and money!

Maintain Optimal Tire Pressure

Ensuring that your truck’s tire pressure is neither too high nor too low is the basic element of safe driving. Improper tire pressure will compromise cornering, braking and stability. Not only will this prevent possible blowouts, it is one of the easiest ways to improve your fuel economy. Pre-trip inspections are mandatory thus, maintaining optimal tire pressure should be easy to enforce.

Install a Fuel Economy Gauge

Driving habits are a significant part of fuel usage. Accelerating quickly, traveling at speeds higher than 100 kph and frequent shifting can negatively affect fuel mileage. Installing a fuel economy gauge will allow you to understand driving habits and adjust accordingly which could save you money in the long-run.

Use a GPS

Get to your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. With the help of a GPS you will limit the wrong turns and unnecessary detours and with the push of a button, know the quickest route!

Invest in a Hybrid

If you’re in the market for a new truck or tractor, go green! Consider a hybrid tractor that enables the truck to operate using the diesel engine alone, or in combination with the hybrid-electric motor. Not only will you save money on fuel, you’ll be contributing lower emissions. Get all of the information on Freightliner’s Hybrid Technology by visiting our website.