[Video] Detroit DT12™ Transmissions

Drive the next generation of technology with the new Detroit 12-speed, direct- or over-drive automated manual transmission. It combines an automated clutch with a computer-controlled shift actuator to give you the power you need while optimizing fuel economy.

Engineered for Economy

Your fleet’s profitability depends on boosting fuel economy and increasing durability. Detroit engineers have looked at every opportunity to reduce fuel consumption and increase efficiency. They’ve built sturdy components and designed the DT12’s operation to limit unnecessary wear and tear.

With more new drivers coming into the market, it’s critical to ensure your fuel economy goals are met, and your trucks continue to last for years to come. With the easy-to-operate AMT transmission, drivers reach their optimal performance sooner.


DT12™  Video by Freightliner Manitoba 


Driven to Perform

How does the Detroit DT12 assist drivers?

  • A pneumatic actuator engages the clutch and shifts the transmission, allowing for faster and smoother gear-shifts compared to electronic actuation. Several driving modes are available for different terrains and applications, including:

    • Performance Mode to climb mountains

    • Eco Mode for efficient city driving

  • Creep Mode to improve low-speed maneuverability, making it ideal for backing up to a loading dock or in traffic.

  • A true two-pedal system and Shift Lever.

  • A pedal kick down feature gives the driver full throttle control to increase acceleration when passing or driving on uphill grades.

  • Advanced safety features like Auto Neutral where, under certain conditions, the transmission electronically commands “neutral” gear.

  • Virtual Technician™ is a factory-installed onboard diagnostic system that puts you in control of your business 24/7 and takes the guesswork out of powertrain repair by helping you to manage your business more efficiently.

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