Best Trucking GPS Systems: At A Glance

No truck driver should ever be without a GPS, but how do you find the best GPS? Not all GPS units are the same so you need to ensure the system you choose is designed for truck drivers. The last thing you want is for your GPS to instruct you to take non-truck routes or direct you under a bridge that your semi can’t clear.

We’ve done the homework for you and taken the two most popular GPS systems the Rand McNally TND 720 and the Garmin dezl 760LMT and analyzed product offerings. Whether you’re interested in the Rand McNally TND 720, the Garmin dezl 760LMT or any other GPS, the important features to look for in a GPS are as follows:

Truck Friendly

A regular GPS system will not suffice as you need a system that will allow you to plan travel routes based on truck restrictions. It needs to instruct you down roads, bridges and highways that are appropriate for your truck’s weight and height.

Points of Interest

Knowing where truck stops, weigh stations, food and lodging are is very important when planning trips.

Features & Connectivity

WiFi capability for real-time updates and alerts are very useful.

Rand McNally TND 720

The Rand McNally checks out on all four must-have aspects. This device has been designed to assist drivers in every aspect of their day, from planning to driving. Wifi connectivity allows you to stay up-to-date with current and forecasted weather data, including approaching storms and wind speeds. Road construction and traffic is updated in real-time and additional features such as “exit quick views” and “fuel logging” helping you plan your trip accurately.

Garmin dexl 760LMT

The Garmin, like the Rand McNally, offers all must-have features and is designed specifically for truck drives. Wifi connectivity assists in road and traffic condition notifications. “Exit Services” provides convenient point of interest information and “Lane Guidance” assists in properly and safely exiting the highway. The “hours-of-service log” saves you time and the integration of Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to talk and dial hands-free through the device.

In summary, the two GPS systems do not different too significantly; both offer one year warranties are the same size and have similar product offerings, however, the pricing for the device and services differ slightly. Garmin retails for approximately $60 more than the Rand McNally with additional fees/subscriptions for construction and weather updates. Rand McNally on the other hand offers these for free, but charges a subscription fee for lifetime maps. When it comes to product offerings, the only significant difference that Garmin is Bluetooth compatible allowing hands-free calling and Rand McNally’s offers a “Bread Crumb” trail feature, remembering previously traveled routes you have taken.

Determining the best GPS system strictly depends on you and what features are valuable to you. If you would like to conduct your own research or just take a look at the products The Truck GPS Store provides great breakdowns of numbers of systems.