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Understanding Driver Fatigue: What You Should Know

Drowsy drivers put themselves and other road users at risk. Understanding driver fatigue is critical in order to prevent accidents and improve road safety for everyone.

According to the Canadian [...]

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[Video] Detroit DT12™ Transmissions

Drive the next generation of technology with the new Detroit 12-speed, direct- or over-drive automated manual transmission. It combines an automated clutch with a computer-controlled shift actuator [...]

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Team Driving: Is it for you?

Do you have the opportunity to drive as a team but you’re unsure if it’s the right fit? When making decisions whether to drive solo or as a team you must first analyze the pros and cons of both [...]

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Increasing Semi-Truck Fuel Economy without Breaking the Bank

It seems fuel prices are constantly rising, digging a large hole in everyone’s pocket. Participating in an industry where profits are directly affected by these prices, the hole can get very large if [...]

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Best Trucking GPS Systems: At A Glance

No truck driver should ever be without a GPS, but how do you find the best GPS? Not all GPS units are the same so you need to ensure the system you choose is designed for truck drivers. The last [...]

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How to Prevent Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents can be devastating and unfortunately most are preventable. Accidents not only affect the ones on the road, but also your business, furthermore they generate significant costs. By [...]

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4 Tips for Summer Trucking from Freightliner

Summer officially started June 22 this year and depending on where you are in North America (or anywhere in the world), temperatures can exceed to 120 F or 49 degrees Celsius, causing much stress on [...]

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Freightliner Spotlight: Semi-Trucks Built for Efficiency

Looking at the Cascadia Evolution, M2 106 and 114 SD...

Freightliner’s trucks have been built with operational efficiency in mind at the very beginning. The legacy North American model, the [...]

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